CCTV Camera Installation Sydney

In the times of exponential technology advancements and society growth, the need to have a robust security system is extremely critical to ensure safety of individuals, proper and the society. Security cameras play an essential role in providing safety and security in various settings ranging from commercial premises to residential properties and public spaces. To mitigate threats from burglars, keeping a lookout at your kids while you are at work or want to maintain a professional aura at your office, security cameras play a very important part.

Looking for a reliable CCTV camera installation in Sydney? Need a responsive service provider? Want to customise an integrated security camera installation? Want more cameras in your residence? Want a professionally trusted team to visit your site? Need calculated positioning of cameras in your premise? Security and Cabling is the answer to all your questions.

Security and Cabling provides comprehensive solutions for all your CCTV camera installation needs. We are a locally trusted service provider in Sydney. Our team of skilled professionals holds in-depth knowledge and expertise in designing security systems tailored to individual requirements. With strategic positioning, we provide optimal coverage leaving no blind spots which enhances the overall impact of your surveillance system. We are also known for our attention to detail in projects that we take up. Be it the technical aspect of it, Security and Cabling is your way to go! From wiring to mounting and configuring network settings, we have all the expertise to handle tasks efficiently and accurately. We can also trouble -shoot issues that may arise and provide prompt service, minimising downtime and ensuring a smooth system performance.

Our team at Security and Cabling values the importance of both ours and our customers’ time. We ensure timely delivery of our tasks and effective installation of cameras.

What is a security camera?

An equipment that is used to record footage of a specific are used for security purposes.

What are the types of camera?

There are numerous kinds of cameras when it comes to making your security choice. There are dome, bullet, covert, 360-degree cameras and so many others!

What are the different features of a security camera?

Security cameras come with various features to enhance the security standard in your premise. High definition (HD) resolution, night vision, wide angle, motion detection, two-way audio, remote access and mobile app, pan-tilt-zoom, weather proof and outdoor durability etc.

Will my camera record footage at night?

Our CCTV cameras also record in the night because of IR night vision. You can record up to 120m away in pitch dark.

How do I access pre recorded footage?

Many cameras have built-in storage; such as memory cards. To access recorded footage, you can remove the memory card and insert it in your computer. Otherwise, there are apps to view real time footage. Our team at Security and Cabling will take you through all this so don’t get overwhelmed.

Will extreme weather conditions affect camera footage?

Our cameras are designed to withstand various outdoor weather conditions and yield a safe and secure environment for you. Choose your partner and camera wisely!

How long does it take to install CCTV cameras?

It generally takes up-to a few hours or a day or two, depending on the scale of the project. We will however provide a project timeline to keep track of the progress.

What is the overall cost of installation?

The cost of security installation depends on the choice of your camera and the quantity of it. Residential installations cost lower than bigger commercial establishments. 

Will Security and Cabling provide assistance after project completion?

What sets us apart is our prompt service to troubleshoot issues that may arise in the system. We are always on foot to provide our customers extra help with any technical questions they might have.

Let your safety be our priority! Whether it is to seek assistance, give feedback or inquire about our services or address concerns, we are here to provide prompt assistance at any time of the day! What are you still looking at? Grab your phone and book an appointment with our security installation experts in Sydney. You can also email us on *email* give us a call on *phone number* Get in touch with us today for a safer tomorrow!