Security Camera Installation Sydney

Are you a working mom and have to keep your kids to a babysitter all day? Need a real time update on what’s going on in your office? or ‘Is my home safe?’ paranoia is killing you on your vacation? Well, fear not! Security and cabling is here to rescue you from all the worries eating you up. We are your next trusted security camera installation in Sydney.

From single storey homes to corporate buildings and warehouses, we cover for your safety and provide for you a space that makes you feel safe and secure. We are the best local experts in our field

Unexpected events like fire or theft are beyond anyone’s control in the sense that they cannot be directly avoided or prevented. However with our security camera installation, Security and Cabling attempts to minimise the risks allowing opportunity for early intervention. With our Ultra HD camera you can now have access to real time footage in your hands. Not only that, you can have access to up to one month of pre-recorded footage too!  With our Security ninga’s you can monitor your property or employees remotely whilst also collecting evidence in case of any unforeseen incident or crime.

Security and Cabling is the best local security camera installation service in Sydney. With 5+ years of experience, Security and Cabling offers the best surveillance solutions for any residential or commercial use. Our quality equipment with features like IV night mode, motion detection, HD quality and cloud storage options is our best selling point. We promise you to integrate a comprehensive surveillance system in your premise without any further maintenance costs in the future.

Our camera’s features include:

  • Ultra HD results
  • Motion detention
  • Night Vision
  • Wide field view
  • Two-way Audio
  • Remote access and Cloud Storage
  • Weather resistant 

They say choose wisely and here is why Security and Cables is the wisest choice you can make! We have an exemplary work ethic and while demonstrating our best work, we also maintain confidentiality after the project is complete. Each of our team members’ is best at what they do; be it camera installation, wiring or other technicalities that come with setting up the surveillance system on the back-end. We will thoroughly examine the area and suggest the best possible cameras that fall into your requirements and budget. With our prompt service, you will not have to worry about any safety hazard. 

As a service provider, we understand the importance of your time and need for security. As we commit to any work, we build a work timeline so that both parties can keep track of the progress. This also helps us to make room for any unexpected delays. Our work promises quality. We work on projects of all sizes and types from small homes to large commercial facilities with 100 percent integrity and commitment. Our service is prompt, transparent and reliable. 

Get rid of your second thoughts and call us now to discuss your security camera needs – or send us an inquiry on -. Let us assist you in securing your premises with our top-notch security solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with personalised guidance and solutions tailored to your requirements. Whether you need assistance in selecting the right camera, setting up a comprehensive security system or understanding features and benefits of our services, our representatives are here to help. Your urgency is our way forward!